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When conceptualizing their home, the Shulmans envisioned a space that drew creative inspiration from their travels — from Milan to Los Angeles to Phoenix. Infinitely inspired by the places they had visited, the well-traveled homeowners wanted to incorporate design influences that evoked the feelings of travel. “The design brings their world travels into their home,” Heather Looney of Castle Homes tells us. The sophisticated, contemporary design was driven by architecture found in different parts of the world — and the end result is breathtaking.

The design began with an exterior that celebrates contemporary design, and the front façade is informed by an arched entryway. There is a theme of arches found through the design, which is intended to soften the hard, contemporary lines. “The marriage of the arches with square lines creates a great balance and feel,” Castle Home’s Alan Looney explains. The contemporary bent continues in the landscape architecture, which enhances the spectacular entryway. “The geometry of the landscape laws play off of the front entry walls. We didn’t want to block the windows with any type of larger trees or foliage and wanted to create a crisp imagery,” Gavin Duke of Page|Duke Landscape Architects explains. “From the front door, you can see through the whole house to the back landscape, which creates actual relationship all the way through.”

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