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The enjoyment gardens bring is not limited to when their perennials are in full bloom. In fact, winter’s barren beauty is especially vibrant after a sheet of snow blankets the surroundings. In the case of this garden, thoughtful elements provide beauty from winter to spring, and from summer to fall. “Axial lines and structured borders create focal views and garden rooms year round,” explains Gavin Duke, principal partner at Page | Duke Landscape Architects. His firm handled the landscape architecture for the home you’re about to see, and Gavin helps explain the process: “Much consideration is given to how the space will look in different seasons. You live in your house year-round and want to have seasonal interest throughout the year.”

Evergreen structure and the varying textures of those evergreens are key elements in this garden. That evergreen backdrop and foreground perennial and woody flowering plants are structural elements that define the space, no matter the season. Hydrangeas and azaleas were perennials chosen because, according to Gavin, you can never go wrong with these. “The element of seasonal change is a major attribute to living in the South,” he reminds us.

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